American Highland Roofing + Construction

 Roofing Systems 


Choosing a new roof is a serious investment. You should have high standards and careful consideration to ensure that your contractor is ready to meet or exceed them. We specialize in high-quality, durable roofing materials that add decades of security, beauty and energy efficiency to your property.

Shingle Roofs: Installing lifetime warranty architectural shingles is a meticulous process. It includes installation of decking, underlayment, leak barriers, starter strips, flashings, ventilation and ensuring proper water drainage. Detailed trimming, landscape cleanup, and disposal of debris follow it.

Flat roofs: Include decking components, vapor control layers, insulation, felt and water proofing layers.

When installing your new roof, we highly recommend the removal of all layers of existing roofing down to the roofs wood deck. Getting to the roofing substructure will allow for a thorough inspection of the structure and condition of your roof deck. By the time a re-roof is necessary, water and moisture damage has likely accumulated over the years repair, leaving your roof vulnerable to future leaks even with a new roof. Repairing any existing damage proactively will promote the functionality of your new roof and prevent damage from high winds, severe moisture and heavy snow loads in the future.



With brick homes, tuckpointing becomes a maintenance procedure when mortar joints have cracked, eroded and weathered. The damage can be due to changing temperatures, chronic water saturation from wind-driven rain, defects in the roof system, and deicing salts. Usually all mortar begins to decay long before the brick itself. Defective mortar joints allow water to infiltrate the wall cavities, which can cause interior damage to your property. American Highland Roofing & Construction can help you repair these joints with a process that will not only ensure a watertight seal, but greatly improve the curb appeal of your home.

The process includes grinding, tuck-pointing with color-matched mortar of your choice, and full replacement of damaged brick.



Vinyl siding is a great investment. It dramatically, but affordably, improves the look of your property. There is a wide array of colors and styles to choose from.  Beauty meets function, as insulated siding under layment may help reduce costly energy bills. Siding is also virtually maintenance-free – all you need is little soap, water and a garden hose to keep it clean.

Windows + Gutters 



When it comes to operation and energy efficiency, nothing can make a greater impact than installing or replacing old windows. Whether you are looking for vinyl or aluminum, our team of experts can provide you with design and pricing options to meet your desired results without having to throw your budget out the window.



Water – the gift of life. Also the cause for many homeowner headaches when it damages property or yard landscape. If your gutters or downspouts are rusty or falling apart, we can help.

We offer copper and aluminum gutters. Whether you need replacement or repair, we can maintain your roof's drainage system in top shape. We'll be happy to assist you in choosing efficient, long-lasting gutters that add beauty and proper drainage to your home.

Our highly trained professionals meet and exceed all maintenance and installation standards ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.